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Wholesale distributors are often squeezed between increasing customer demands, competitive pressures, and the accelerating spread of manufacturers across the globe. Tight margins and the high cost of excess inventory make cost control and efficiency critical. But the right technology can create new opportunities to increase operational efficiency across your business, fill orders faster, and reduce inventory and distribution costs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated, adaptable business management solution designed for small and midsize companies that are looking for a system they can implement and customize rapidly, learn and use easily, and maintain with minimal disruption to their business.

Process management

  • Centralize information for easy access throughout your business.

  • Automate manual procedures.

  • Balance workloads.

  • Reduce rekeying of data.

  • Improve replenishment decisions.

  • Increase fill rates.

  • Manage repackaging and remanufacturing activities.


Inventory management

  • Accurately forecast demand.

  • Make reliable promises to customers.

  • Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately.

  • Boost customer satisfaction.

  • Balance inventory costs against fill rates and customer satisfaction levels.

  • Streamline warehouse processes.

  • Efficiently handle long lead-time items.

  • Generate pick, put-away, movement, and physical inventory documents on the fly using hand-held devices.


Analysis and business intelligence

  • Get immediate feedback on business performance.

  • Get a clear understanding of product profitability, seasonality, and trends.

  • Gain negotiation power with suppliers.

  • Identify new ways to add value.

  • Quickly extract data with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services.



  • Export data to Microsoft Excel for manipulation, analysis, and graphical presentation.


Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Provide self-service through the Internet without compromising security.

  • Streamline customer support, billing, and replenishment activities.

  • Provide data for building new partnerships.

  • Track warranty and service options.


Integration with familiar software

  • Maximize your IT investment.

  • Use seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as the 2007 Microsoft Office system

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